Victor DeLaet

Business Consultant - Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Advisory Service

I can provide your company with a Sales and Marketing Plan that works with your business plan.

It is important to keep your Sales and Marketing plan up to date and current on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Your business is always developing and growing, so in order to remain focused on the growth of the business you need to constantly monitor your progress.  Starting with  realistic  goals and attainable targets for growth, you can make adjustments as required to keep your sales and sales team on target.

Website Development

Every business wants to be on the first page of Google. However this can be very challenging knowing that Google is continually making changes to how they rank certain websites. 

I build websites from the ground up that maximize the potential for high page ranking.  Our team of experts are certified Google Partners and SEO experts that optimize the website development for easy of navigation and search engine compliance.

There is only one sure method to increase your page ranking over time and that is pure organic search engine optimization (SEO) and original article creation to create high page ranking back links.

 I specialize in providing top quality service with options to meet any advertising budget.

Website Promotion

Search Engine Optimization 

In order to improve your page ranking for the keywords you select it is necessary to engage in a consistent SEO campaign that will deliver the results desired. 

While there have been many techniques that have been used in the past the only true method to move your website to the first page on Google is to use organic and manual techniques of building links to your site. 

We conduct on going research to stay on top of the latest techniques in order that our website SEO promotions are effective and consistent month after month.

High Page Ranking Backlinks

Creating Original and Authoritative Backlinks for your website is the most important thing you can do to promote your website.

 We specialize in creating original articles of your business with your input and distributing these articles to various outlets, like Blogs, Advertising sites, News feeds, Social Media and other directory listings.

Overtime you can create hundreds of backlinks to your website and this will tell Google that your website is very important.  Google will in turn gradually rank you higher.