Victor DeLaet

Business Consultant - Sales and Marketing

Areas of Expertise

Sales Management - Business Development

Victor has many years of experience in managing numerous sales teams, exceeding sales targets and excelling in leading the sales team by example. By managing individual sales targets and inspiring the sales team in general, Victor is well equipped to manage any sales team and develop the business further through  specific efficiency improvements.

Project Management 

Victor has many years of experience in managing many different types of projects.   This experience allows Victor to advise to wide variety of businesses.   Special focus on maintaining budgetary costs as well as reaching desired completion dates is a unique skill that any business can use to manage a project.

Business Efficiency Reviews 

Over the years, many businesses go through various stages of development.  Starting out with an idea, forming a business plan and finally launching the business.  Most small business owners are very involved with getting new business and managing the day to day operations that they have little time to review how efficient they are in providing their products or services.   Victor has guided many business to increase their efficiency through the use of advance technologies, customer record management programs,  website, sales,accounting , and as well as  business analytic integration systems for the entire business.