Victor DeLaet

Business Consultant - Sales and Marketing

Creative Business Solutions

I can help you grow your business in many ways.

Business Plans

Having a business plan is not enough unless you follow it through with a Sales and Marketing plan to monitor your progress as your business grows.  Staying on track monitoring your sales, and your bottom line while at the same time growing sales is a tough balancing act.

Most business owners can use my services to guide  the business to future growth.  I can help you with comprehensive solutions to build your business which will free up your time to run the business.

 Targeted Marketing Plans

 The bottom line is getting more business using existing methods of marketing efficiently.

This is where I come in to guide you along the path and make specific recommendations for advertising, marketing initiatives customized to your business.

I have taken companies bran new companies from very little in sales to over $200,000 in sales within 6 months.  

I use wide variety of media channels which are not only cost effective but are easy to maintain.

Website Development and Promotion

 I work with a team of professionals that can build your website from scratch. 

My team of certified Google and SEO experts will build you a great site that is current with the latest requirements from Google.

Building a easy to navigate website that is totally compliant with most search engine requirements will allow your site to be easily ranked high on Google.

Contact us now to get a quotation for website development.  


The Importance of a Business Plan

The importance to have a solid business plan is not always in the front of the minds of the average business owner.  Taking the time to work with a business consultant can save you tonnes of time in planning your business growth.  

I use only the best tools in the industry to create a comprehensive business plan that is personalized to how you operate your business and your vision of the future.